Wed. May 27th, 2020

Guitar Lessons Frank Gambale Chopbuilder Sample

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12 thoughts on “Guitar Lessons Frank Gambale Chopbuilder Sample

  1. Guys, is going live in the next few weeks!! The first course is called "Spicing Up The Blues" a 10.5 hour Blues course which is unlike anything out there from a true guitar legend and brilliant teacher. 
    This course will followed up soon after with "The Definitive Sweep Picking Course"  roughly 10 hours, which is the be all and end all of the Sweep Picking Technique, for which Frank Gambale is the originator. This course is the first of his on Sweep Picking since his legendary Speed Picking book and Monster Licks and Speed Picking DVD shared the technique and method with the world. Almost 30 years on, Frank has a LOT of cool new discoveries to share with you.
    FG Admin

  2. super for timing and neck knowlege . man you know what you talking about.
    Marceli Glowiak Polish and Australian .Frank did they repair Parramatta Rd .Do you remeber Fleminghton market and Maroubra beech and of course Bondi.?I know this lovely places.I spent 10 years in Sydney Love Basment clouse to circular
    Thanks have good day!

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